Saturday, January 12, 2008

Our Wedding Video by Jason Magbanua

Edjen wedding video 1/4 - Hotel Preparation at Westin

Edjen wedding video 2/4 - Church Ceremony at Manila Cathedral

Edjen wedding video 3/4 - Reception Area at Ramon Magsaysay Hall

Edjen wedding video 4/4 - Onsite (Preparation and Ceremony footage edited and shown at the reception) and Audio Visual Presentation at Enchanted Kingdom


juliet said...

Hi Jen! nice video! hope everything is ok with you. btw, do you know the title of the song that jason used for your reception video? i like that song kasi but i don't know the title

Jeanny said...

hi juls,

sorry no idea sa song kasi si jason na pinapili ko eh.


Tanith said...

Good post.


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